General / 12 October 2018

3D in VR with Oculus Medium

Last August I managed to land a contract job as a QA Tester within Facebook Oculus with the Medium Sculpting team. I have to say it was a dream come true to at work within the organization in which I want to eventually grow as a artist working in games and experiences for VR. Even though I work as a test on the team, I also take to use the app as a end user creating my own sculpting concepts that I do for fun but also use for testing bug issues. To be honest being here is very intimidating to put myself out there with my work but here are some sample of I have produced in Medium Thus far.

This is one few scenes I have composed over time with Medium. It started out as just a tree asset but wanted to play with the idea build more spaces in 3d using Medium. The app still has a long way to go with optimization for games but I know with enough care to the product it will get there.   :D 

To be honest working here is a bit intimidating but as I get older and dealing with loss in my life. I really dont have much to lose if I go out trying again to put my work out there. For the longest time I have let my ego get the best of me when being afraid to show my work especially after being critiqued in a non constructive way that left me no room for hope in growth. I am slowly learning to push pass this by taking some action to make changes in my life to face my fear.  God help me! I am here at the comapny why not act and show who you are regardless who may think of you. Sure its easier said then done but it can be done. Okay END RANT!!!! More to come :D